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Blue Bridge represents leading IT companies, though we are not dependent on any specific manufacturer. Our specialists have good knowledge of technologies and their compatibilities, and so can choose the best solutions for you in terms of quality and price.
Hardware maintenance
Servers and data storages

Hardware maintenance

For more than 5 years now, 95% of all clients have given the highest possible rating to the services of our technical support centre. We’re recognized as the best service providers in the Baltics, having won the Best in Service Delivery Award in 2012.

Servers and data storages

Choosing and properly implementing the right solution for data hosting, storage and management is vital for the smooth work of any organisation. The range of available servers and data storages is very large, which makes it possible to build solutions and specific products flexibly, in light of your existing infrastructure. With more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the area of servers and data storages, we guarantee that selection and deployment of the solutions will be best-suited to your business.

Wireless communication solutions

Wireless communication solutions are used to simplify employees’ access to a data transmission network.

Data storage or server solution selection and deployment

We will interview you to assess the state of your IT environment and its needs for data storage/server reliability, capacity, performance and type.

Firewall selection and deployment

When a data centre is being set up or an existing network reorganised, we select, design and deploy suitable firewalls and fully configure the equipment for proper functioning on the network.

Hardware repair

We perform diagnostics, fault detection and repairs for Hewlett Packard Enterprise equipment.

Enhancement of server and data storage performance and reliability

We gather performance data from your servers and data storage devices, analyse this information, compare it, and propose a plan for improving performance and reliability.

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