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About us

We provide comprehensive IT services and solutions to large companies and public organisations. Our areas of expertise are cloud computing, IT managed services and maintenance, data transmission and cybersecurity, servers and data warehouses, and infrastructure management.

It’s not enough to be different – you have to create real value.

Employee expertise

63% of our employees are certified professionals.

Integrated approach

We address IT needs, big or small, taking the full situation into account – that’s how we ensure the effectiveness of your IT operations.

Wide range of IT services

We save you time as a one-stop shop for all your IT needs, with services that cover all aspects of IT infrastructure.

Valuable partnership

That’s our guiding principle for dealing with each other and with clients and partners.

Client focus

A survey by TNS LT in 2015 showed Blue Bridge clients have a TRI*M satisfaction and loyalty rating of 90 – significantly higher than the overall rating of 73 for analogous IT companies in Europe.

Technical support centre

For more than 5 years now, 95% of all clients have given the highest possible rating to the services of our technical support centre. We’re recognized for the best service in the Baltics, having won the Best in Service Delivery Award in 2012.


Services built by Blue Bridge

- Among the first in Lithuania to establish our own data centre, we develop cloud computing services.
- The vast experience we’ve accumulated implementing IT infrastructure projects enables us to develop IT managed services.

Services built by Blue Bridge and its partners

Long partnership with leading IT equipment manufacturers and software makers allows us to develop and implement quality IT solutions. The partnership standings granted to us confirm the solid expertise of our professionals.

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