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Cyber Security

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Cyber security is a rapidly evolving and complex field, so it’s often hard for companies’ internal IT administrators to acquire all the relevant know-how. Our security professionals’ strong expertise and their long experience implementing projects of varied scope and complexity allow us to offer state-of-the-art solutions that protect against the latest threats and ensure the fastest-possible recovery.

Security Operation Centre (SOC) services

Security Operation Centre (SOC): greater visibility and protection from a wide range of cyber-security risks – for any size business

Deployment of sandbox solutions

A new generation of attacks is spreading in cyberspace that easily evades traditional security measures based on static analysis.

DDOS protection

E-mail security solutions

Application firewalls

At any data centre you’ll find many different applications, with some accessible only to internal users and others accessible from outside.

Web gateway solutions

We’ll analyse your organisation’s network, identify the most appropriate web gateway solution, and then design and deploy it.

Privileged user control solutions

A privileged user control solution lets you monitor administrators’ actions within systems and review video recordings of privileged sessions or monitor them and take preventive measures in real time.

Next-generation anti-virus solutions

Standard desktop security tools, like anti-virus software that protects against malicious code, are relatively easy to get around.

Penetration testing

In performing penetration testing, we’ll assess your organisation’s security level, inform you about vulnerabilities, and provide you with recommendations for improving security.

Network encryption solutions

We’ll assess the architecture on your organisation’s network that demands high-level security and design a network encryption solution based on the automated data acquisition (ADA) requirements for the systems.

Data leak prevention

If you need a data loss prevention solution, we’ll work with you to determine what data in your organisation is sensitive and needs to be protected against leaks to third parties.

Security event management (SIEM) solution

A security event management solution (SIEM) is unique in centrally storing security events from diverse systems and performing event correlation.

Virtual firewall (UTM) solutions

A virtual firewall solution ensures security within a virtual platform at a data centre by controlling east-west traffic (between virtual machines).

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