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Blue Bridge cloud computing

As providers of cloud computing services, we were among the first in Lithuania to set up our own data centre, in 2010. In order to create distinctive value, our focus is not on physically housing your equipment, but on continuous data collection and storage solutions within the data centre infrastructure that our professionals maintain.

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The team is ours while victory – yours!

Car racing at first glance may seem as a one-man sport, but is it really enough just to have a good driver to win the championship?
Car racing is the sport that requires brilliant team-work, strategic partnerships and latest technologies.

You would be surprised how big are the teams preparing just one car and driver for the championship – designers, technicians, IT and marketing specialists, big data analysts all work decades to polish that perfect car and prepare the driver as well as possible.

Similarly, to provide you with easy-access cloud computing service, a large team of IT specialists is working 24/7.

„Blue Bridge“ cloud computing team is comprised of people with different IT skills and experiences. Together they have been working for a number of years to develop the technologies so that your valuable data and IT systems would work effectively and efficiently.

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Certified „Blue Bridge“ cloud computing service specialists not only are experienced with maintaining data center equipment and infrastructure, but also performing complex migration projects. We work both with private and public sector.

The services we provide are available 99% of the time (that’s the actual figure since the data centre started up). Redundant key infrastructure components, electricity and internet connections, an autonomous generator, a fire suppression system, and humidity sensors – all these elements are installed, used and constantly checked to make sure your systems and data are always accessible.

The security of your data is our top priority. Security standards of the highest level are employed at every level of the data centre’s operations – from processes to physical security. Access to the data centre is fully restricted, video cameras capture all movements, highly qualified security professionals regularly perform intrusion tests, preventive measures are in place, and there are clear data management processes (as confirmed by our ISO 27000 certification).

In providing these services, we can fully adapt to your needs. We’re ready to commit to long-term continuous collaboration, but if your organisation’s activities are cyclical, seasonal or tied to short-term projects, we can sign a short-term agreement enabling you to use our data centre’s services when you need them. You can also use IT resources according to actual need. Virtualization and other advanced technologies that form the basis of our cloud services architecture make it possible to reduce or increase the scope of IT services instantaneously.



Services are provided from the Blue Bridge data centre located in Vilnius, at Jasinskio St. 16A. The data centre features dual optical communications and power feeds. UPS systems guarantee an uninterrupted supply of power.


If a physical server at our data centre fails, the virtual servers for your services are automatically transferred to another functioning physical server within minutes. The data centre always has backup physical servers, so high reliability is assured for all virtual systems by default and with no additional fees.


A data warehouse is composed of multiple independent devices. Each device has internal safeguards, so if a disk in the device fails, your data isn’t lost and programs continue working with no loss of performance. And since the devices themselves are interconnected in an array, your solutions are protected not only from failure of an individual disk, but also from failure of an entire device.


When making backup copies at our data centre, we don’t just copy your data, we copy the virtual machine itself. This enables recovery not just of data, but of the entire machine with its configuration parameters and operating system. As a result, your IT solutions can be restored from backup much faster.



We ensure the security of your data. Read more about security measures that we use on Blue Bridge cloud computing platform and in our data center.

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ISO 9001

This is the standard for best practices in implementing a quality management system. Particular stress is placed on analysing and meeting your requirements and continually improving quality, including the focus and practice of leadership, employee engagement and a process approach.

ISO 14001

This is the standard that specifies environmental management system requirements. Environmental protection is becoming ever more relevant and important, thus growing efforts are being made to minimise environmental impact, find ways to reduce natural resource and energy use, and develop the environmental awareness of employees.
In transferring systems to the Blue Bridge data centre, you also contribute to reducing impact on the environment, since you can forego your servers along with the devices that cool and power them.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

This is the standard that specifies requirements for an information security management system. It’s the basis for an organisation to assess risks and implement appropriate security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information. The main function of the system is to protect your information from loss or theft, whether deliberate or accidental.

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