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Backup and disaster recovery

We offer data backup and integrated disaster recovery services for IT systems.

For organisations seeking to store secondary copies of their data at an offsite data centre, we offer a backup service based on Veeam Cloud Connect.

Our IT disaster recovery service ensures that in the event of a critical incident, Blue Bridge’s cloud computing platform is used to ensure not only that the contents of your organisation’s IT systems are safeguarded, but also that your data and IT operations are quickly restored.

Qualified professionals at the Blue Bridge data centre continually monitor and maintain backup processes and conduct disaster recovery.

Two levels of service are available:

Level 1 – backup data storage. This is relevant when an organisation prioritises storing backup data at an offsite location or where the protection of critical data is more important than its IT systems.

Level 2 – IT system disaster recovery services. This is relevant when an organisation’s business continuity requires not just protecting backup data, but also restoring the operations of the IT systems which manage that data. The solution is based on Veeam Cloud Connect technology, which allows us to store copies of a client’s data and systems configuration at the Blue Bridge data centre and, if necessary, quickly restore data and critical systems.

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