Application firewalls

We assess your organisation’s network architecture (its physical and logical schemes) and identify data flows between different network segments. This analysis ensures smooth execution of a matrix of allowable intersegment connections and makes it possible to formulate a strict security policy.

Once preparations are complete, we eliminate unused existing firewall configuration fragments and migrate the new firewall configurations, also performing any needed network reconnections. In keeping with best practices, we set up administration and other services as needed. For your convenience, we integrate application firewalls with user authentication services (like Active Directory and Radius) and configure additional security profiles: penetration prevention, traffic filtering, virus scanning, encrypted traffic inspection, etc.

To ensure smooth operation, we check the intersegment accessibility of services and we scan systems to verify that only those services which the security policy and firewall configuration allow are in fact accessible. We test the work of the high-availability firewall cluster and related network equipment by simulating real connectivity disruptions. If needed, we optimise access rules and security profiles. After deployment, we monitor the solution for an agreed period of time and optimise security policies. We prepare documentation for the deployed system and arrange training for your professionals to ensure further smooth operation.

We work with Fortinet and F5 products.

For more information contact:

Dmitrijus Syčiovas
Head of Security and Networking Solutions