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Data leak prevention

If you need a data loss prevention solution, we’ll work with you to determine what data in your organisation is sensitive and needs to be protected against leaks to third parties.

We’ll deploy the data loss prevention system’s software and/or hardware and set up a security policy based on the defined traits of the data to be protected as well as on the scheme for allowed movements of data in the network and potential data leakage vectors that you provide.

In this way, we’ll protect your sensitive data from deliberate or accidental loss via diverse channels: external media or e-mail (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), the email system used in the organisation (Outlook), external cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), messaging programs (Skype, Google Talk, etc.), printing, and so on. We’ll also ensure your ability to control the storage of sensitive data at computerised workplaces, in databases and in generally accessible directories.

We use Forcepoint products in the implementation of this solution.

For more information contact:

Aivaras Teleiša
Network Solutions Manager