Data leak prevention

If you need a data leak prevention solution, we’ll determine with you what data in your organisation is sensitive and needs to be protected from leaking to third parties. Once we’ve defined that data and its characteristics, we create a scheme for allowed movements of data in the network and potential data leakage vectors. Then we deploy the leak prevention system software and/or hardware and configure a security policy on the basis of the agreed data movement scheme and the traits and registers of the protected data.

In this way we protect your sensitive data from deliberate or accidental leakage via diverse channels: external media, e-mail (Gmail, Yahoo, the email system used in the organisation such as Outlook, etc.), external cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), messaging programs (Skype, Google Talk, etc.), while printing, and so on. We also ensure your control over the storage of sensitive data at computerised workplaces, in databases and in generally accessible directories.

We use McAfee products for implementing this solution.

For more information contact:

Dmitrijus Syčiovas
Head of Security and Networking Solutions