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DDOS Protection

So-called Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have intensified in recent years. During a DDoS attack, a server is flooded with much more traffic than it can process, coming from hundreds or even thousands of different sources, and that makes it impossible for users to utilise the applications or services that are provided via the server which is under attack.

In deploying a DDoS protection system, we perform and analyse simulated attacks with testing equipment and then test the system using real attack traffic. After analysing the data, we make recommendations for managing that specific amount and type of traffic and attacks. We will propose and design a solution that is ideally suited to your organisation, and we will make any needed changes on your infrastructure (DNS, BGP) to ensure compliance with the highest standards of internet access security.

We work with F5, Arbour and Fortinet products.

For more information contact:

Aivaras Teleiša
Network Solutions Manager