Network encryption solutions

We’ll assess your organisation’s network architecture which demands a high level of security (connections with remote sites and users, types of information transmitted, physical network connections). Then we design a network encryption solution on the basis of the automated data acquisition (ADA) requirements for systems. We install and configure encryption systems for the secure processing and transmission of information and data over networks, as well as for their secure storage on remote servers. We create any necessary certificate, timestamp and Active Directory services and databases, and configure and test secure connections.

The systems configuration is not stored on endpoint devices, but is read from special cards. Certificates further strengthen the security of systems.

We provide assistance and advise you on going through the systems accreditation process and interacting with relevant government authorities.

We have experience with all types of ADA on networks: restricted, confidential, and top secret.

We work with Secunet, Thales and Cisco products.

For more information contact:

Dmitrijus Syčiovas
Head of Security and Networking Solutions