Next-generation anti-virus solutions

Standard desktop security tools, like anti-virus software that protects against malicious code, is relatively easy to get around. Static virus detection mechanisms, such as signatures, heuristics or partial emulation, are not the most effective safeguards against attacks today.

Next-generation anti-virus solutions include additional virus detection and protection techniques like predictive mathematics, machine learning, isolation, dynamic behaviour analysis, protection against memory breaches, searches for indicators of penetration and attacks, whitelisting, and more.

Our team of qualified professionals can help you choose the most effective security solution in light of your human and financial resources, your security maturity level, and the nature of your activities. We deploy software, align configurations, and put a security policy in place. We identify erroneous messages and real threats and optimise security settings. If needed, we’ll integrate the solution with network-level and security event management systems.

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Andrius Martikonis
Networking Solutions Manager