Penetration testing

Through penetration testing, we assess your organisation’s security level, inform you about vulnerabilities, and recommend ways to strengthen security.

Before testing, we agree with you on its scope and establish the rules of engagement and a testing plan.

Penetration testing proceeds in several phases. First we gather public information about the object of testing. Then we identify attack targets, security measures used to protect the targets, and vulnerabilities. If needed, after determining vulnerabilities we can model and launch test attacks in our lab. After those tests, we can perform penetration actions which we’ve coordinated with you. In this way we foresee, and help you avoid, the risk of service disruption due to break-ins.

After testing, we present the vulnerabilities that were found and recommendations for eliminating them. We describe penetration scenarios in great detail so you can repeat them on your own. We present the results to both the managers and specialists on your team.

We have the expertise to perform penetration testing on software that’s been custom developed just for your organisation, where there’s no public information about vulnerabilities. We scan for vulnerabilities systematically, using methods which are recognized worldwide such as OWASP.

Our professionals are certified by OSCP and/or OSCE as ethical hackers based on exams which required them to demonstrate their skills in detecting vulnerabilities and penetrating systems. Members of the team also hold LPT, CEH and ECSA ethical hacker certifications.

For more information contact:

Dmitrijus Syčiovas
Head of Security and Networking Solutions