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Security Operation Centre (SOC) services

Security Operation Centre (SOC) services

Security Operation Centre (SOC): greater visibility and protection from a wide range of cyber-security risks – for any size business

The services of the Security Operation Centre (SOC) help ensure the protection of IT infrastructure, users and sensitive data from external and internal threats. A skilled team of security analysts looks after the work of advanced security solutions like SIEM, EDR, NDR and DLP, and further develops those solutions to ensure faster incident detection.

Blue Bridge’s Security Operations Centre (SOC), with its equipment and security analysts, enables an organisation to monitor, identify and analyse risks such as theft of credentials, accounts and identities, malicious code attacks, persistent infiltration of IT infrastructure and theft of sensitive data, inadequate protection of a network and/or access to it, and lateral movements on infrastructure by external or internal hackers.

Blue Bridge SOC services

SOC tool maintenance: effective high-quality maintenance of cutting-edge security tools, timely updates, and verification of proper functioning. Intended for organisations that already have a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (EDR), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) or Network Threat Detection and Response (NDR) tool.

Cybersecurity analytics: security analytics services that make it possible to use the potential of existing security solutions more effectively and ensure growth and development of the internal IT team in the field of cyber security, for advanced and enduring security in your organisation.

SIEM and EDR services: better and smarter security without additional investments in more security specialists or IT resources. Security analytics services are provided using SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and/or EDR (Endpoint Threat Detection and Response).

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