Security incident management

We identify your organisation’s sensitive systems and design a scheme indicating the devices from which it’s important to gather information for security purposes. On deployment, the solution will centrally collect event logs for devices, operating systems, databases and applications, and store them for the length of time foreseen (up to several years, depending on your needs and possibilities).

This solution is unique in its ability to link multiple events to one another. In other words, event correlation is performed (according to your requirements). This significantly reduces the number of events that require attention. Moreover, correlated events better reflect the true objectives and consequences of an attack. Such centralised accumulation of information makes it possible to monitor all infrastructure and react to specific events (such as unauthorised connections to systems, attacks, infections, access to critical systems, and so on).

After the solution is deployed, we ensure the smooth collection and analysis of information for you, and regularly recommend ways to improve performance.

We can arrange a demo of the solution to show its effectiveness for your organisation.

We use McAfee products for implementing this solution.

For more information contact:

Dmitrijus Syčiovas
Head of Security and Networking Solutions