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Centralised Network Management Solutions

A centralised network management solution is used to simplify the management and maintenance of equipment on a data transmission network.

This type of solution is used:

  • to automatically modify or audit network equipment configurations;
  • for automatic scheduled updating of network equipment software;
  • to be able to monitor all of a network’s equipment and the activity on it within a graphic interface.

In light of both the client’s needs and good practices, we’ll select the most appropriate centralised network management solution.

In the course of deploying the solution we:

  • analyse the existing data transmission network and infrastructure;
  • design the solution architecture;
  • prepare plans for deployment, migration and testing;
  • carry out deployment, migration and testing;
  • and provide documentation for the deployed solution.

We are authorised partners of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cisco, Fortinet and Huawei, and thus offer a selection of those manufacturers’ products.

For more information contact:

Aivaras Teleiša
Network Solutions Manager