Data transmission equipment

Optical multiplexing solutions

Optical multiplexing technologies allow the transmission of signals with varied frequencies via a single optical fibre. This technology is used when:

  • Large distances must be overcome (dozens or hundreds of kilometres)

  • Scalability and high speeds are needed (it enables the transfer of more data over the same optical fibres)

  • Data with incompatible protocols needs to be transmitted over a single optical fibre (Ethernet and Fibre Channel, for example)

After assessing your organisation’s need for this technology, we’ll present possible alternative solution. Optical multiplexing solutions can involve a wide range of products, so we identify the one that’s best-suited to your needs and satisfies performance and scalability requirements. Successful implementation of a solution depends on a variety of physical factors (distance, type of optical fibre, number of services and performance) which demand a high level of expertise to assess. Our professionals’ extensive experience will ensure smooth implementation of the solution that’s best for your organisation.

After testing the equipment, we’ll install and configure it and test its functionality. We’ll also document the deployed system. To facilitate further work, we’ll arrange trainings for your professionals, which for the sake of deeper know-how may be held at a centre run by the manufacturer in China.

We’re an official partner of Huawei, with certificates that prove our expertise. We run the only Huawei technical support centre in the Baltics, so we can resolve any technical problems you encounter or intermediate with the manufacturer on your behalf. We stock Huawei replacement equipment in Lithuania, which means that if needed we can deliver it within a day.

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