Data transmission equipment

Optical multiplexing solutions

An optical multiplexing solution enables the transmission of signals of varied frequencies over one single optical fibre.

This technology is used:

  • for overcoming distances of up to several hundred kilometres;
  • for ensuring scalability and high speeds (since optical multiplexing makes it possible to transmit the traffic of two or more optical fibres via a single fibre);
  • for transmitting data with incompatible protocols over a single optical fibre (e.g., Ethernet and Fibre Channel).

In light of both the client’s needs and good practices, we’ll select the most appropriate optical multiplexing solution and:

  • analyse the existing data transmission network;
  • design the solution architecture;
  • prepare plans for deployment, migration and testing;
  • carry out deployment, migration and testing;
  • and provide documentation for the deployed solution.

We’re an authorised partner of Huawei and thus offer a selection of that manufacturer’s products.

Aivaras Teleiša
Network Solutions Manager