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Software-defined networking solutions

A software-defined networking (SDN) solution is network architecture for automatically managing the resources of physical and virtual servers and network equipment. The basis of this approach is the centralisation of decision-making through a so-called control plane. SDN permits cost reductions, broadens control possibilities, and makes it easier to develop and implement new functionality.

SDN solutions can include:

  • A physical network, when traditional network devices are replaced with SDN devices. They may be open devices (without embedded software) or SDN-based centralised network control devices.

  • Cloud automation solutions using Hewlett Packard Enterprise Helion, which enables centralised management of virtualization platform resources.

  • A virtual network deployed with the aid of a virtualization platform which uses the physical network only as a medium of transfer.

  • Network functionality deployed on a virtual network using virtual network devices or on a distributed basis.

SDN solutions can include:

In selecting an SDN solution, we’ll propose architecture which may include one or more interacting SDN components. We’ll identify an optimal solution for your organisation’s data flows and performance needs. In other words, we’ll take network performance into account as well as the resources of the server platforms used. We’ll recommend the most suitable vendor and product.

Since this solution may include both physical network devices and security devices (physical or virtual), and both servers and virtualization platforms or even programming elements, having the relevant knowledge and skills is vital. Our professionals’ broad range of expertise will ensure smooth and high-quality deployment.

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