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IT managed services

We’ve been implementing complex IT infrastructure projects with clients for more than 20 years. And we’ve noticed that, though large investments are involved, maintenance of the solutions is often left to chance. Realising we have the right expertise and experience to fill this gap, in 2015 we began building a portfolio of IT management and maintenance services.

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IT maintenance is a lot like keeping a person healthy. While it seems only normal to take care of one’s health, we don’t always realise that similar everyday efforts can prevent IT “illnesses”. Imagine your organisation’s IT like a human body which needs continual care. By taking preventive measures, you can make sure the IT infrastructure that’s working well today will also work effectively several months or years from now.

Expert insights

We’ve noticed that clients who want to be top performers aren’t satisfied with just smoothly functioning systems. They want further recommendations and expert advice on how to optimise their IT infrastructure and make it work even more effectively. Since that’s what the market needs and we have the needed expertise, we’ve added periodic expert insights to our IT managed services.


ITIL best practices and the Blue Bridge team’s vast experience are the foundations of our IT managed services. We’re convinced the best results come when our team and the client’s team work as one. That’s why our services are based on collaboration and deciding what’s best together with the client.


We ensure the security of your data. Read more about security measures that we use on Blue Bridge cloud computing platform and in our data center.

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ISO 9001:2008

This is the standard for best practices in implementing a quality management system. Particular stress is placed on analysing and meeting your requirements and continually improving quality, including the focus and practice of leadership, employee engagement, and a process approach.

ISO 14001:2004

This is the standard that specifies environmental management system requirements. Environmental protection is becoming ever more relevant and important as a global core value. Thus growing efforts are being made to minimise environmental impact, reduce natural resource and energy use, and develop the environmental awareness of employees.

ISO 20000-1:2011

This is the standard that specifies requirements for the management of IT services. For users, a timely response to problems in service provision is vital, as are the transparent resolution of incidents and queries as per SLA criteria, the assurance of information security, and effective risk management to ensure the business continuity of services.

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