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Secure remote work

Blue Bridge secure remote work services will ensure that your team works from home safely and efficiently. We implement solutions that ensure the security of computer workstations, network and remote connection to your systems. We will help you choose solutions that will allow your employees to work safely and comfortably from home, and for IT administrators –

remotely install scheduled updates and perform other IT maintenance tasks. Blue Bridge secure remote work services cover all preparation stages from setting up computers and multi-factor authentication solutions to the implementation of network access control.


  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) implementation - ensures encryption of information transmitted and received from a remote workplace, allows centralized management of employee connection parameters (time, device, etc.).
  • Selection and preparation of client devices – we will select computers suitable for your work specifics and prepare personal (BYOD) computers by updating software with necessary updates that eliminate security vulnerabilities.
  • Implementation of multi-factor authentication solutions - ensures security of connection to the systems by additional user identification (for example, by sending a code via SMS or confirming in a configured smart device app).
  • Computer Disk Encryption - Ensures the confidentiality of information on the disk in case of loss of the laptop.
  • Installation of remote connection and IT administration tools - allows to ensure that necessary updates of operating system, antivirus and other software are installed on the employee's computer, and in case of a computer failure – allows to diagnose and remotely restore computer to working order.
  • Implementation of network access control - ensures connection to the organization's network only from authorized devices and only for authorized users, ensures that the authorized device and user access only permitted resources. Works in conjunction with other solutions (e.g. VPN).
  • Implementation of user activity monitoring solutions - allows to monitor user activity, productivity and behavior, as well as use of applications, e-mail, social networks. Can protect against accidental or planned leakage of sensitive / confidential data.

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