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CargoRail solution
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Utility billing solution

The next-generation utility billing solution that we have created is intended for suppliers of heat energy and water as well as for building administrators. The system lets you more efficiently manage all your key operating processes – from automated metering of the services provided to the invoicing of end users.

The solution has two core modules: a utility metering module which enables automated metering of services for the apartments, properties and space being administered, and a financial accounting module which helps to easily prepare, issue and deliver end-user invoices, notify users about payment terms, and manage the entire process related to debts and their recovery.

Our team will not only choose the configuration that is best-suited for you and install the solution but will also help turn it into a fundamental system for digitizing routine processes that require attention.

The utility billing solution can function in the cloud as well as on your IT infrastructure.

Contact us:

Antanas Daukantas

Head of billing solutions