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IT professionals with expertise in IT maintenance, cloud computing and IT equipment. We build long-term relationships which are based on partnership and generate sustainable value. We continually develop not only our own expertise, but also that of our clients.

We’re part of the Blue Bridge group of companies, which has been operating for more than 20 years. The accumulated experience of all those years has helped us become true experts in our fields. We’re proud that our clients consider us one of the most competent and value-creating IT companies in Lithuania.

We care for our clients

We specialize in providing IT services for medium-size companies.

We grow for our clients

It’s not just certifications that show our expertise, but also real experience.

We can do more

We offer our clients much more, at a standard market price.

Our way of working


Initiation of IT services

Before starting to provide services, we examine the client’s infrastructure in detail and coordinate the number of workstations and the procedure for service requests. Starting work properly and effectively is important for later stages.


Handling of service requests

Users can choose to submit service requests by e-mail, phone or an external website. They’re kept informed about the status of their request and the expected completion time, so they can plan their work, always aware of when the functionality of the system or computer will be restored.


Proactive IT infrastructure service

We constantly monitor hardware and software and initiate maintenance tasks. This work initiated from our side reduces the likelihood of troubles with information systems or computers so users don’t face any disruptions.


Monthly reports

At the start of each month we deliver reports on the IT services provided in the previous month and the service level achieved. Clients always know how much their IT costs and what service level has been achieved.


Quarterly or monthly meetings

We meet with clients every month or quarter and present our insights and proposals for resolving any problems that have arisen and enhancing existing IT solutions. We also recommend possible new IT solutions that could increase the effectiveness of IT use in the client’s everyday operations. Then clients themselves decide how to develop their IT and how that will benefit their business.

Contact us and get a proposal

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