When a company offers a variety of services with flexible pricing, monthly billing and invoice preparation can become a real challenge. Billing solution created by Blue Bridge Code can dramatically simplify these processes. The system is designed for a variety of service provider types: companies that provide accounting services, rent out facilities, maintain buildings and their surroundings or supply public services, and any other business that issue monthly invoices for recurring services. The system is available on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, so no initial investment is required. It is ideal for both large organisations and those with only a few employees – for everyone who seeks to work more effectively!


Key features of the Billing Information System:

• Service catalogue management
• Contract registration and management
• Billing for recurring services
• VAT invoice management


The Patient Service Portal is designed for easier and faster management of the services offered by a healthcare institution. Registration to see a doctor, submission and signing of electronic documents, personal patient profiles, remote patient education and provision of preventive materials, and patient monitoring are now all available on one platform. The portal helps to more efficiently manage internal processes and provide care to patients while also increasing patient satisfaction.


Key features of the e – Health Portal:

• Registration to see a doctor
• Submission and management of documents
• Remote monitoring of chronically ill patients
• Education of patients on the treatment and prevention of illnesses relevant to them