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Custom software solutions – each with an approach of its own

We create unique software solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies. These solutions are intended for organisations with operating needs beyond what standard products on the market can manage. Our task is careful and detailed analysis of a client’s processes in order to make valuable proposals for their improvement, and only then to develop an information system – one that doesn’t just replicate daily practices but, most importantly, optimises them. In a different way each time – preserving what the client knows best, and adding those things we know best. The resulting solution is always unique and perfectly suited to the client’s needs.


Operations and information systems analysis – the first step to enhancing performance

In our work, a deep grasp of the client´s operations is as important as technical competencies, which is why over the years we´ve built up an exceptionally skilled team of analysts. Today this team´s professionalism and work of impeccable quality are not a claim but a daily reality. This has enabled us to separate the operations and information systems analysis services that we’ve long provided in the context of software solutions creation, develop them further and offer them to you.



Project start

Project Team
The most important thing in a project
is collaboration.
‘You’ and ‘we’ disappear –
we all become members of one team
with a common goal.
Project Plan
We prepare a project plan and follow it consistently.
Project tasks are planned to have short durations,
which ensures a timely reaction to any deviations.
When developing software solutions,
the analysis document is a basis for further work.
For operations and IS analysis services, it’s the end result.
Requirements review We provide an initial system prototype as early as possible. Visualisation helps us understand each other better and, if needed, adjust the initial requirements.
Constant communication We’re one team, so we constantly include the client in project activities.
Testing We combine testing conducted by our experts with automated tests. Quality and reliability are the most important characteristics of a system.
Programming Depending on the analysis results, we use components we have created or third-party products, or we develop a system from scratch.
User interface creation We give as much priority to a system’s user-friendliness as to its logic. Satisfied users guarantee that a system will enjoy a successful lifetime.
Information system delivery We provide training on working with the system and then hand it over to the client. Together we’ve taken a big step toward working more effectively and conveniently!
Refactoring While maintaining and enhancing a system, it’s essential to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of its structure and code. That’s why when we add or adjust functionality we also do refactoring.
Development needs Systems are a living part of an organisation. As the organisation’s processes, people’s habits and technologies evolve, new needs arise for the system’s functionality, integration and user interface.
Maintanance A system’s performance and continuity need to be ensured both during and after the warranty period. If needed, our service centre is ready to provide 24/7 support.
Development proposals We periodically review the use of the system’s functions, examine user habits and offer suggestions for enhancements. If we notice that existing functionality is not being used, we clarify why that is.
Iterations The process loop for each enhancement is the same as that for developing a new system.