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What is IS validation?

At first glance, the question of whether the information system an organisation uses is best-suited to its needs seems simple. “Of course it is,” many would respond, just because the system works smoothly. But an information system should not only work, it should help an organisation grow and develop. And the organisation should know its system’s weak points and be ready for the worst-case scenarios.
Computerised testing of system suitability, also known as information systems validation, helps to get a new perspective on your information system and protect you against the biggest threats.

For whom is IS validation intended?

In line with best practices for the use of information systems, it’s recommended that all organisations validate their information systems every year. That lets you be sure the tools you use are suited to evolving business processes, identify the system’s weak points and know how to act in a worst-case scenario. Validation also helps you foresee systems development needs and plan your IT budget.

Heuristic evaluation of user interfaces

The user interface is the window through which users of a system perceive and judge the entire system. No matter how complex a system’s underlying technologies and logic, if you don’t give enough attention to the user interface, the system won’t create a positive user experience and thus won’t fulfil its function.
To ensure the user interface for an information system that’s being developed is as convenient as possible, we provide a user interface evaluation service. Our specialists draw on international heuristics and Blue Bridge Code’s accumulated experience to thoroughly evaluate the system and make recommendations for improving the user interface.

IS prototyping

We offer information system prototyping and prototype testing services, which are highly relevant when developing complex information systems intended for a wide user audience. The service encompasses the creation of an interactive prototype of the user interface, the preparation of use case scenarios and a review of the system with real future users. The review includes several sessions for observing future users’ behaviour while testing the system’s functional modules. The results of the review are used to develop a prototype that best meets users’ needs, which later serves as the basis for developing the information system’s user interface.

Unique processes performance analysis

We know the ins and outs of freight transportation, billing for an energy company’s services and everyday processes at healthcare institutions. By conducting an analysis of business processes, we help clients identify weak points and, in view of best practices, suggest ways to optimise operations: by enhancing existing solutions, developing new ones or resolving issues through organisational or process changes.

Standard processes performance analysis

Experience computerising standard business processes –the management of documents, projects, internal communication and identities– has given us not just in-depth knowledge of relevant specific software solutions, but also a good grasp of performance subtleties. Information tools that are commonly used don’t always satisfy the real needs, which means even standard processes may call for unique solutions. Analysis of these processes helps determine whether it’s more effective to adapt your work to standard solutions or to develop custom solutions based on your processes.

Why We?


We’re not just analysts, but also software solution developers, and in developing software solutions we’re accustomed to examining business processes fully and in great detail. This combination of competencies ensures that in examining your operations, we’ll check even the tiniest process parts and propose a strategic, integral solution for improving your performance


We can offer both large-scale all-encompassing analysis services and minor consultations on specific issues of operations and information systems. Whether we’re developing strategies or consulting on a user interface, we always focus on the specific need and create clearly tangible value.


As part of a group of companies offering the full spectrum of IT services, we can bring in experts as needed to ensure a holistic approach that covers all the relevant issues in preparing your IT strategy or technical specifications or in evaluating your information systems.


Our team has many years of experience analysing operations in the transportation, energy and healthcare sectors and public institutions, and holds multiple international certifications.