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Custom Software Solutions

We provide services across the full software life cycle: from the idea for a solution through ongoing system support. We’re able to join in on the development of a software solution at any stage of a project.

We analyze activities and daily processes – especially aspects that are complicated and burdensome. We suggest ways to optimise processes and prepare technical specifications for the development of a system. This analysis document may be the first step of a project, or it may be the end result – that depends on the client’s further objectives and the conclusions of the analysis that’s been done.

Based on the results of the analysis, we select the system architecture solution that’s best for you: we either create a system from scratch, use prototypes that we have developed or choose third-party platforms. All the solutions we develop are flexible and adaptive: our systems are simple to extend and to integrate with other systems and technologies.

We develop and maintain both our own and third-party software solutions. A help desk working under ITIL standards ensures the reliable operation of developed systems, while our 24/7 software maintenance service lets clients rest assured that critical information systems will get the attention they need at any time of the day or night.




We’ve been developing freight management information systems for more than a decade. Our solutions cover the entire freight cycle and optimise the processes of the different parties involved. Management of all shipping documents, e-services for customers, tracking of cargo and comprehensive business intelligence are just some of the solutions we’ve implemented.



A key job of any supplier of energy services is measuring usage and charging customers. To handle these tasks, we’ve created a billing system. The solution is highly extensible, so instead of buying licenses for standardised software, you can choose to invest in the development of unique functionality that istailored to your own business processes.



We’ve implemented a number of solutions linked to the healthcare industry, ranging from registers of medicinal products and management information systems for medical research, to an e-portal moving processes of Lithuania’s largest clinics into cyberspace.



Public sector institutions comprise our largest group of clients. We’ve implemented many solutions to improve public sector efficiency, including software for managing documents, tasks and projects, websites for collaboration, e-services and self-service, registers, and information systems for data collection, analysis and exchange.



We use the wide-ranging experience we’ve acquired developing information systems and analysing business processes in order to optimise unique processes at companies or organisations. Examples include an information management system for insurance claims and systems for collecting and analysing data on cash management, the bankruptcy of natural persons and the prices of goods.


We believe in Microsoft technology and constantly refine our skills and competencies here. We’re also proud to enjoy the trust of Microsoft, which in 2014 recognised us as Partner of the Year in Lithuania for Custom Software Development. Our competencies include:

Why We?


We think you should know the members, approach and strategy of the software development team. When working with us, you’ll always be well-informed about your project’s status, challenges and achievements.


We put great stress on getting acquainted with what you do, which allows us to quickly understand the needs you express and proactively suggest things that you haven’t thought about yet. Thanks to process prototypes that embody our long years of experience, ideas become reality fast.


Attention to developing our specialists’ competencies and constantly improving our business processes ensures not just outstanding results but also a quality process. It’s important to us that you feel safe and confident all throughout the project.


A system is like a living organism, and a completed project often turns out to be just the first step on the road to improving your performance. As you grow, we also enhance our solutions, and vice versa – by seeking new development potential, we also help our clients grow.

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