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For many years, Klaipėdos Energija – the largest energy producer in Western Lithuania and the main energy supplier in Klaipėda – used Microsoft Navision (now Microsoft Dynamics NAV) enterprise resource planning software. As technologies evolved and the company’s needs grew, that choice began to cause difficulties. Klaipėdos Energija took a bold step by migrating to a tailor-made system which Blue Bridge Code developed with an eye to all the company’s needs.



In providing heat energy and metering services, Klaipėdos Energija long worked with the Microsoft Navision (Navision) accounts management product. But in 2012, renewal of that platform became a necessity due to incompatibility with the latest databases and operating systems.

In moving ahead with system development, the company had several choices. It could have purchased new Navision licenses and transferred existing functionality to the upgraded program.


Going that route would have meant continuing to make due with Navision’s standard options or, if necessary, buying separate licenses to expand them. But even the purchase of additional licenses couldn’t guarantee that the resulting solution would fully satisfy all of Klaipėdos Energija’s growing needs. Moreover, modernising Navision in this way would have been very expensive.

The second route, and the one Klaipėdos Energija chose to follow, was the development of a totally new and unique solution designed to manage this specific company’s processes and operations.

“Despite the minuses we saw with Navision, it had been in the market for years as a platform for managing accounts and services, and it seemed potentially risky to replace that with a new, custom solution. After all, the system would be created from scratch and we’d be the first to use it. That worried us, of course, but at the same time we knew that if we succeeded it would make our work easier and reduce needed later investments. After considering everything, we decided to take the risk, and it paid off,” notes Virginijus Zutkis, Klaipėdos Energija’s Head of Customer Service.



Klaipėdos Energija was assisted by Blue Bridge Code. “In starting to work with the client, we focused mainly on analysing the former system, seeking to understand its flaws and advantages. We closely examined business processes and their correspondence with Navision functionality. And we built the new system’s architecture on the basis of all of this. After that analysis, we saw an opportunity to not just bring the information system up to date technologically, but also to substantially enhance the whole company’s daily work – to optimise internal processes, workflow and customer service,” Blue Bridge Code analyst Artūras Petrutis explains.


Among the highly valuable enhanced features of the service management information system developed by Blue Bridge Code is the heat energy distribution and metering functionality. “For the first time the possibility has been introduced to describe heat energy distribution and metering methods of varying complexity. There are tools for detecting and eliminating errors throughout the process. Previously, if you made a mistake entering data, the error would only be noticed much later. Now, if an illogically large or small amount is accidentally entered, the system reacts and indicates that an error may have been made,” Artūras Petrutis notes.

The new service management information system doesn’t only surpass the standard solution in terms of the opportunity mentioned above to save on licenses and to handle unique business processes. The new technology also made it possible to significantly improve the system’s operating speed, develop a user interface in line with the latest trends and add new functionality.



Today Klaipėdos Energija no longer pays license renewal fees and is completely free to enhance and further develop the system according to its needs. “Integration with external systems has also been upgraded in the new system. As a result, we can submit and receive information from the State Tax Inspectorate, municipalities and bank information systems faster and without duplicating efforts. There are also new links with the document management system and the Klaipėda water-supply information system Rubisofta,” says Virginijus Zutkis.

Tools were also developed that save time and effort managing debts. Now it’s easy to identify debtors, administer debts and work to recover them with courts and debt collection agencies.


Success in implementing this major project was due to Klaipėdos Energija’s courage in choosing to address its old deep-seated problems with new solutions. “We’re pleased that our analysts’ insights were fully taken into account in order to develop a system that responds much better to all the client’s needs than the expensive standard solution which was used before,” says Blue Bridge Code project manager Antanas Daukantas.

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