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Blue Bridge Group

The key to competence is deep specialisation, and deep specialisation is usually narrow. But today’s business challenges demand complex, all-embracing solutions. How can this conflict be resolved? Blue Bridge Group combines the different IT competencies within a single corporate family. Each company in the group develops specialised competencies in great depth and subtlety, creating its own highly professional IT profile.

Our philosophy

Thinking complexly and explaining simply is a talent. Seeing challenges and opportunities not only through your own eyes but also those of the client is the interesting part of daily life. Experience that constantly grows is a strength.

As we see it, experience should be ever-evolving and varied. It should go beyond the solutions and competencies that are already mastered. Able not just to assimilate new things, but also to create them. And no less importantly, experience should be shared – only then does it really come alive and help everyone grow.

Blue Bridge Group culture of sharing knowledge and experience, along with its common work philosophy and values, all help to ensure there is harmony among the unique competencies of the different companies in the group. As a result, the solutions we create have both overall strategic coherence and well-designed specific action plans.

Our clients

Respect for clients and their needs is the same as respect for oneself. No less important is the exchange of experience, since that enlarges both parties’ competence and opportunities. That’s how valuable partnership is born, where one enjoys not only the results that are achieved but also the collaborative process.

Our team

Who is behind Blue Bridge Group’s success stories and leadership in the market? Clearly the answer is our people. The secret of our team’s success is trust and the ability to share knowledge and grow all together.

Young people’s drive and receptivity. Older professionals’ maturity and competence, wisdom and empathy. At Blue Bridge Group, these personal advantages complement each other. In our experience, all that is needed to achieve this is to create conditions and incentives for everyone to grow. Individually and as a team. Combining the development of competencies and expertise with an inspiring team microclimate.

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